In episode 2 of The Bacon and Albert Show: Bacon tells everyone about how he witnessed Malcolm McDowell murder an Asian lady.

Show notes:

Have you ever had a dream and then a night or two later the dream picks back up where you left off?

So Malcolm McDowell cuts somebody’s head off in my dream.

The dream started a couple of nights ago and was very surreal. Lots of vivid colors and locales. At one point I was standing on an overlook, and below was a large grassy field. The weather was overcast and there was an old junked out car off in the distance. It seemed as if we were looking for something but I didn’t know what. The thing that stood out the most was that there was a bunch of tension.

The second installment of the dream starts off in a house and it’s kind of dark. There’s a bit of light coming in through some curtains. Mr McDowell is silhouetted against the blinds and you see him pull a large hack saw out of a bag. Then he goes over to this body on the ground and starts to cut the head off. I think it was an Asian person. Fortunately it was over fast. I remember saying to myself I’m not watching this and I covered my eyes.

Right after that I woke up.