Bacon and Albert discuss the evils that are pagination and click bait…

Show notes:

pagination is the scum of the internet

Before we get to the main topic of the day I wanted to discuss the Cereal game.
You definitely won the game. The score was 22 correct 10 incorrect.
No cereal was to be found. I did bid on an empty box, but my single bid of 10 bucks did not meet reserve.
I saw some magnets I could buy, or I could make you a box of ice cream cones…

onto the main topic! Pagination is scum… is an offender

they do this to serve ads. The more ads they serve the more money they make

Click bait

What she did next will shock you to the core!
She was pulled over by the cops,  and you won’t believe what happened next!
17 facts you won’t believe!
Doctors hate her!
Supermarkets can’t stand him!
Watch the first 47 seconds and you’ll be hooked!