Bacon and Albert talk about what their pet peeves are in this episode.

Show notes:

What is a pet peeve?

Wikipedia says:

Pet peeves often involve specific behaviours of someone close, such as a spouse or significant other.[3] These behaviours may involve disrespect, manners, personal hygiene, relationships and family issues.[4]

A key aspect of a pet peeve is that it may well seem acceptable to others. defines it as:

a particular and often continual annoyance; personal bugbear:

Where does the term come from?

From Wikipedia: Its first usage was around 1919.[1][2] The term is a back-formation from the 14th-century word peevish, meaning “ornery or ill-tempered”.

People who never shut up and won’t stop talking to you

1.Driving too slow in the fast lane
2.Talking during a movie
3.Cutting in line
4.People who don’t cover their cough/sneeze
5.Chewing with your mouth open
6.Using the word literally incorrectly
7.Parking a car across two spaces
8.People who don’t know about personal space
9.People who think their overly annoying children are the cutest angels
10.People who are always interrupting

11.rude people

My list

Smashed marker tips
pronouncing the “s” in “Illinois”
Riding my tail in traffic
When my ear buds keep falling out
My electric bill
Pot holes
Toilet paper on backwards
Wet floors
Walking in shoes after riding the log flume
Having to mow constantly
Password requirements

Albert’s list
Misspelled words in ads or newspaper
internet trolls
empty toilet paper tubes
getting up early