In this, our first episode of the Bacon and Albert Show, Albert tries to figure out which cereal is real and which is fake…

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On today’s show:

Cereal. What’s real and what’s fake?

Real cereals:

Cat in the hat cereal
Comet balls
Dinky donuts
Engine 2
Ghostbusters I & II cereal
Grins & smiles & giggles & laughs
Ice cream cones
Mud & Bugs
Neopets island berry crunch
Nintendo cereal system
Smurfs pebbles
Pink panther flakes
Reptar crunch
Sir grapefellow
Tiny toons adventures cereal
Fake cereals:

American crunchers
Blueberry bombers
Donut dunkers
Froot jammers
Neopolitan nuggets
Peter griffin’s snacky cakes
Kit kats
Bran infusion
Oaty O’s
Muffin medley
Heapin’ Helpin’s
Nut ‘n Berry Clusters
Sun rise medly’s
Sweet treets
Oat lovers deluxe

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