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Today: 10 terrible things to step on!

  1. Rocks: Tiny little rocks hurt like heck. Why does something so small hurt so much? It’s like stepping on a knife.
  2. Legos: a staple of my childhood imagination. Stepping on one of these guys feels like you’ve stapled your foot!
  3. Sparkers: I have a vivid childhood memory of stepping on a recently used sparker while barefoot. I didn’t like it.
  4. Bees. Honey is great, but that little stinger on their butt is no honey to me.
  5. Thumb tacks. Even if you don’t get impaled by the tack, just stepping on the handle alone hurts!
  6. Slugs: I don’t want to step on one of these while wearing shoes, let a lone barefoot! Gross!
  7. Jellyfish. The remedy for stepping on one of these is peeing on yourself? No thank you.
  8. Broken glass. During a bar fight, never break a bottle over someone’s head, unless you have shoes on. Then it’s ok.
  9. Quicksand : When I was little, I thought quicksand was going to be a much bigger problem than it actually is.
  10. Land mines. Land mines? really? That’s not even funny. Obviously you don’t want to step on a land mine.

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