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Pagination – The Bacon and Albert Show

Bacon and Albert discuss the evils that are pagination and click bait…

Show notes:

pagination is the scum of the internet

Before we get to the main topic of the day I wanted to discuss the Cereal game.
You definitely won the game. The score was 22 correct 10 incorrect.
No cereal was to be found. I did bid on an empty box, but my single bid of 10 bucks did not meet reserve.
I saw some magnets I could buy, or I could make you a box of ice cream cones…

onto the main topic! Pagination is scum… is an offender

they do this to serve ads. The more ads they serve the more money they make

Click bait

What she did next will shock you to the core!
She was pulled over by the cops,¬† and you won’t believe what happened next!
17 facts you won’t believe!
Doctors hate her!
Supermarkets can’t stand him!
Watch the first 47 seconds and you’ll be hooked!


Murder! – The Bacon and Albert Show

In episode 2 of The Bacon and Albert Show: Bacon tells everyone about how he witnessed Malcolm McDowell murder an Asian lady.

Show notes:

Have you ever had a dream and then a night or two later the dream picks back up where you left off?

So Malcolm McDowell cuts somebody’s head off in my dream.

The dream started a couple of nights ago and was very surreal. Lots of vivid colors and locales. At one point I was standing on an overlook, and below was a large grassy field. The weather was overcast and there was an old junked out car off in the distance. It seemed as if we were looking for something but I didn’t know what. The thing that stood out the most was that there was a bunch of tension.

The second installment of the dream starts off in a house and it’s kind of dark. There’s a bit of light coming in through some curtains. Mr McDowell is silhouetted against the blinds and you see him pull a large hack saw out of a bag. Then he goes over to this body on the ground and starts to cut the head off. I think it was an Asian person. Fortunately it was over fast. I remember saying to myself I’m not watching this and I covered my eyes.

Right after that I woke up.

The Cereal Game – The Bacon and Albert Show

In this, our first episode of the Bacon and Albert Show, Albert tries to figure out which cereal is real and which is fake…

Show notes:

Thank you for watching! This is a ground floor opportunity!

This is a show where we talk about life and lessons learned and fun stuff that we come across. You can join the conversation by commenting on the video or by reaching out to us on Facebook or twitter.

This show isn’t necessarily meant to be the main focus of your day

On today’s show:

Cereal. What’s real and what’s fake?

Real cereals:

Cat in the hat cereal
Comet balls
Dinky donuts
Engine 2
Ghostbusters I & II cereal
Grins & smiles & giggles & laughs
Ice cream cones
Mud & Bugs
Neopets island berry crunch
Nintendo cereal system
Smurfs pebbles
Pink panther flakes
Reptar crunch
Sir grapefellow
Tiny toons adventures cereal
Fake cereals:

American crunchers
Blueberry bombers
Donut dunkers
Froot jammers
Neopolitan nuggets
Peter griffin’s snacky cakes
Kit kats
Bran infusion
Oaty O’s
Muffin medley
Heapin’ Helpin’s
Nut ‘n Berry Clusters
Sun rise medly’s
Sweet treets
Oat lovers deluxe

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